Our Story

Our Story

Rooted in downtown Quakertown’s history and culture since 1856, First Church is founded upon the teaching of the Bible and love of community. Our congregational heritage began as a member church of the First German Reformed Church at Fifth and Broad Streets. Eighteen years later (1874) our Church School Association was founded to provide Christian Education to those young and young at heart through weekly Autumn-to-Spring Sunday school classes. To further biblical teachings, our annual Vacation Bible School began in 1942 to provide local children knowledge of and develop a relationship with Christ during a fun week-long summer camp. 

In 1957, the national Reformed Church joined together with other national churches to become the United Church of Christ, centered on living out our faith in ways that affect change in our communities. In 1963, our new church campus opened at our current downtown location, 4th and Park. Designed to be innovative and forward thinking, many generations have worshiped, fellowshipped and served others through a multitude of ministries at First Church in Quakertown.

Now more than 55 years later, we continue the teachings of Christ by “Loving God, Helping Others, and Finding Joy” in Quakertown.  

We invite you to join us on Sunday Mornings for Worship and for our Fellowship Events. 

Our Mission

First United Church of Christ – Quakertown is a giving and receiving community of faith. We affirm that the earth and all its people belong to God. We seek to grow in Christ.

We are inspired by the Holy Spirit: to worship God, to provide a safe place, to offer hope and support, to welcome strangers and to serve others.

Our Purpose

A local church is an assembly of individuals who help one another find and pursue God’s will.  Together, we can pray, learn, encourage, plan, and implement in ways that would be impossible alone. Spreading news about Jesus, doing his work, experiencing his blessings, and experiencing fulfillment in life is greatly enhanced by community.

Our commitment is to make love tangible, practical, and available to all who gather with us. We believe God’s promise is to share abundance in this life and to welcome us into eternal life when we die.