Our Services

Our Services

We offer a variety of ways to worship and expand your faith. You may join us in-person or virtually. Regardless of which way you join us for, you will experience a sense of spiritual recharge and deep connection with God while uniting with others who are also looking for the same. 

Weekly Services

Sunday Morning Worship

9:15AM – Sanctuary 

Our hour-long service offers a classic outlook on worship, which includes hymn-led music, a blend of traditional worship elements, confessions, statement of faith and a pulpit-led sermon. Hymns open and close the service as well as provide another opportunity to unite to offer praise to the Lord. Special music is often provided by children, youth and adult vocal and handbell choirs, as well as instrumental ensembles. We celebrate Holy Communion eight Sundays each year, inviting all who profess faith in Jesus to partake. Special events and holidays are often included and recognized. During this service, childcare for preschool children (kindergarten and younger) is provided in our nursery. 

Communion during the Morning Worship is celebrated at these times:

  • Epiphany Sunday (early January)
  • Ash Wednesday (evening service)
  • Maundy Thursday (evening service)
  • Easter Sunday 
  • Pentecost Sunday (late May)
  • Mid-Summer (late July or August)
  • World Communion Sunday (early October)
  • First Sunday of Advent (Late November or early December)


Holy Baptism

Biblically, water is the symbol of cleansing and life, such as the water of creation, the great flood, the parting of the Red Sea, even the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. We recognize when an individual is baptized through water and the Holy Spirit, the individual is receiving the grace of God, joining the universal church and the renewal of spirit through the cleansing of all sins.

During a Sunday Worship Service (Morning or Midday), the individual to be baptized (infant, child, youth or adult) will receive the placement of water upon their head, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. When an infant or child is baptized before an age of full comprehension and their spiritual maturity, the authority of this Christian rite is granted from a covenant from the parents, congregation, and God. The parents, congregation and if chosen Godparents, promise to raise the baptized child with Christian love, education, values and example. Once the child is of spiritual maturity age, we encourage the child to confirm their faith, typically though confirmation. 

When the baptized is an adult or youth, a statement of Christian faith will be used and the individual will be proclaiming their confirmation of faith at the same time. Membership can also be incorporated into an adult’s or youth’s baptism, following the individual participation in a new members’ class. 

Please contact the pastors to begin the process of baptism for yourself or your child. Pastors will meet with the family at least once prior to the baptism to become familiar with the family, ensure that they understand the meaning and accept the responsibilities of baptism, and familiarize them with the format of the baptismal service.


Confirmation is the continuation of Baptism for those 13 or older, where the confirmands will learn more about the Christian faith and develop a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit. Weekly meetings, late September through May, follow the United Church instruction work book My Confirmation: A Guide for Confirmation Instruction to provide youth insight into: the Bible, its origins, and how to use it; Christian beliefs; understanding God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; and the Christian church.

Confirmands are matched with an adult mentor from the congregation to learn together, build a friendship and help to determine what to include in their Statement of Faith. Prior to Confirmation Sunday (Pentecost Sunday), Confirmands write their Statement of Faith as a capstone to their confirmation classes.

Confirmation is open to all students. Speak to the Pastors to learn more.


First Church membership is open to all who profess faith and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. The individual interested in membership does not need to be baptized when requesting membership, but will need to be baptized prior to joining First Church. Baptism can be done in conjunction with joining First Church.

First Church membership allows a person to vote at congregational meetings, join committees, and be considered to be on Church Council. The desire to join First Church can be by informing the Pastors or by attending a periodic New Member’s Class. New Member Classes are typically a one time hour gathering with fellow people interested in joining and the Pastors. New members join First Church at our 9:15 service.


First Church welcomes and celebrates couples looking to be wed and to unite their lives before the Lord. To assist couples transition to married life, it is strongly encouraged for the couple to participate in 4 premarital counseling sessions with pastors prior to the wedding and one following.

If one or both members of the wedding couple have a connection to the First Church congregation, the couple may be married by the Pastors within the Sanctuary. If the couple wishes to be married at another location, they do not need to be connected to First Church to be married by the Pastors.


Our pastors are available to conduct funerals for First Church members or their families. Often the family first contacts a funeral home of choice and then the funeral director contacts the church. Depending on the preferences of the family and the availability of the pastors, a pastor or pastors will be chosen and a time and place will be set for the funeral. Prior to the funeral, the pastor or pastors will meet with the family to plan the funeral service. This service can be in the church, at the funeral home, and/or at the graveside. Our fellowship hall is available for a luncheon, arrangements for food and beverages need to be made by the family. The two funeral homes with which the church works most closely are:

Jeffrey A. Naugle Funeral Home

C. R. Strunk Funeral Home