Sermons by Rev. Joyce Donigian

Son of God

“Son of God” has a very different meaning to Christians than it did in Jesus’ time. It was a title of honor but not carrying with it any indication of being divine. Jesus used this title for himself rarely; however both Satan and some demons called Jesus by this title. The people around him at his crucifixion used it in a mocking way. Our lesson is to use our talents to further God’s plans.

Son of Man

The Jews had been expecting a hero to save them from subjugation by other countries. They were looking for a military leader – someone who could vanquish their enemies. Instead, Jesus came to save them in a different way.


Jesus fulfilled the three-part role of Prophet as described in the Old Testament: they brought God’s word to the people, they warned the people regarding their behavior, and they performed miracles. He did all of these things and so much more.


Covetousness is at the core of many if not most of the ways we sin. God though Jesus and then through Paul showed us that true wealth and happiness comes from the contentment that follows living a godly life as exemplified in Jesus’ life and ministry.

How To Steal

Stealing – taking things from others without their knowledge or permission – has been a human problem from even before recorded history. Children and adults have been guilty of the sin of stealing. Jesus asked us to love others as much as we love ourselves. This was Jesus’ response when asked what the greatest commandment was. After loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength we are to love our neighbor as ourselves.

It’s Murder

Most of us have no experience with murdering another person. Yet this important commandment has application in our lives. We can murder another’s hopes, dreams, reputation, confidence, faith, hope, trust, confidence or any of the many other ways we can damage another of God’s created beings. This is not the way God desires for us to treat one another.

Swearing and Sabbath

Using God’s name in ways that bring dishonor such as in cursing, giving false information, and casual exclamations are all ways that lessen the importance of knowing God as God. In a similar fashion, filling all our time with our things to do and places to be rather than reserving some of that time to reflect on our relationship with God will reduce our awareness of God’s goodness.