Christian Education

Christian Education

One of the most important responsibilities God has entrusted to parents is to pass on a strong and deep faith to their children. We help parents in this mission by building upon the christian life lessons taught as home. By having two influences (home and church), children develop a greater love of God and spiritual faith. This creates strong families, better communities and future generations of Christ’s followers.

“Train a child how to live the right way. 
Then even when they are old, they will still live that way” 
– Proverbs 22:6

Sunday School

September – May

First Family Class – Birth to 3 Years

As your child learns to crawl and walk, we share with them the wonderful things God has done. By hearing biblical stories at an early age, children get to grow up knowing they have a powerful Lord who cares and is there for them; the beginning to their faith journey.  Parents are welcome to stay and participate, though not a requirement.  

Faith Factory – 4 Years to Grade 3

In Faith Factory your child will experience and learn Bible stories hands on through our rotational workshop based program. The children enjoy visiting a different workshop each week with the goal of memorizing important scripture verses, building relationships and getting to know God.  We divide the children into groups by age, giving them the opportunity to meet new friends.  Faith Factory has 5 workshops that teach using different media/style.

  • Solid Rock Café teaches with food.
  • Holywood teaches with skits, puppets, and acting.
  • Faith Arcade teaches with games.
  • Creation Station teaches with crafts.
  • Cinema 3:16 teaches with video.

Our Summer Vacation Bible School is also always a favorite event.

Upcoming Faith Factory Singer Music Library

Elementary Class – Grades 4 to 6

Our sunday school students enjoy a more traditional program, filled with great fun!  Challenging games, videos, and many other wonderful lessons are presented.

Secondary Class – Grades 7-12

Our teenagers are using a fantastic video series, relating to everyday life.  This series encourages conversation, thought, and acceptance.  It is an effective way to show the teens where and how to find answers in the Bible to things they experience daily.

Adults in The Chapel – Adults

Join us in the Chapel after church as we discuss various topics through books and study videos.

We strive to help children know Jesus. We teach the word of God – not to INFORM but TRANSFORM lives. Our goal is to have children take ownership of their belief, resulting in a strong and sustainable faith that is evident in their daily lives.

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Dir. Christian Education